Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence Management

When a product is both long-lived and highly complex, it requires constant monitoring and support throughout its lifecycle. During the period between the initial build and the end of life of such products, there can be a vast amount of changes to technology, relevant markets and legislation, such as the recent ban on cadmium plated electrical connectors. One of the main consequences of these changes is that replacement parts become unavailable, which in turn results in a reduction or limitation to the availability of the actual product. Dealing with these challenges is known as Obsolescence Management (OM). KCIG can help you by setting up or taking over your OM process.

Obsolescence Management is crucially important, as the replacement of an obsolete part is often a substantial cost driver. This is because of three main factors: Firstly, the need for sudden engineering work required to fit a new part. Secondly, a redesign of the system to find a substitute technology. Thirdly, and perhaps most pressing, the immediate loss of availability of the affected product. 

While these events are seemingly unscheduled, they do not have to be as random as they initially seem. KCIG’s OM strategy focusses on the minimization and control of obsolescence risk. This allows for the early deployment of countermeasures so that you can make an informed decision on how to tackle these issues before they arise.  

By selecting and monitoring relevant parts of a product in a structured way, KCIG is able to evaluate the consequences of obsolete parts at an early stage in regard to availability, costs and effects on possible configurations. Replacing parts can have consequences for the support structure of each configuration. By engaging in early stage OM, you are able to noticeably and effectively extend the lifecycle of your products.

We can help you by investigating all related OM issues and then support you in finding the most appropriate strategy. To learn more, contact us to discuss your situation and how we can help!