LSAR Services

LSAR Services

LSAR Standards and Specifications

KCIG is highly competent with most Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) data structures. We are able to integrate that data from various sources into a single delivery file and can provide a mapping between data structures of:

  • ASD S3000L
  • Mil Std 1388-2B
  • GEIA-0007B
  • Def Stan 00-60
  • Def Aust 5692
  • Other specifications

KCIG also participates in the Steering Committees of ASD S3000L, S4000P and SX000i, AKA the Data Model Exchange Working Group (DMEWG). Subsequently, we know how to handle and transform data and match it with other ASD specification and legacy data formats, such as Mil Std 1388-2B.

LSAR training services

  • Understanding the LSAR data model
  • Creating LSAR in line with standards
  • Reading and interpreting an LSAR
  • Creating custom overviews (eg. in Excel or Access) from the LSAR
  • LSAR contents validation on Guidance Documents or conformance to standards and specifications
  • S4000P (development of preventive maintenance programs and continuous optimization); training in gathering, assessment and evaluation of data as well as performing the analysis.
  • SX000i – understanding the interdependencies of the ASD specifications model and implementation of Logistics Configuration Management (LCM): integrating the various standards and specifications and ensuring data consistency throughout the project.

All of the learned concepts can be embedded in the data landscape architecture of a project, including S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, S4000P, ERP systems, Bill of Materials, Spares Lists, 3D CAD systems and various LSAR formats.

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